About us
We are one of the most Instagrammable spots in Thessaloniki with our fairytale atmosphere, stylish spaces and exquisite menu. Our biggest goal is to make everyone a part of our magical world where everything is possible.


Our Story
Driven by the passion of creating a place that feels like another fairytale land and where you can forget completely about your mundane problems, the idea of Tender Pastry Shop was born. And a few months later, during the cold December weather in 2019 our warm and cozy shop opened its doors for the first time.
Our main focus was and still is to create an amazing experience that could never be forgotten. The menu we made contains food and drink with a focus on delicacies that are not only irresistibly stunning and instagrammable but extremely delicious too.
Tender Pastry Shop is a dream came true. We put in all our love and hopes to create a place where everyone can feel special - not only our guests, but also our team of chefs, baristas and experts who make our shop the tale it is.