At Tender Pastry Shop, our Mission and Vision are the essence of what we do. Our Mission became a clear and purposeful guide of how to make our decisions, while the Vision we developed ensures that every path we choose to take is aligned with the goals we want to achieve.



To create an amazing experience for our guests by providing them quality food which is a pleasure for all our senses and a place where they could believe fairytales exist even if it is for a few hours. Tender Pastry Shop desires to give its guests a beautiful surrounding that brings with itself both comfort and fancy setting.


To be most successful, experienced and capable in our work, while being dedicated to the people turning Tender Pastry Shop in the place it is – guests, team, and creators.


Everything we do and appreciate is done through our values. Here we are referring to honesty, teamwork, commitment, respect, dedication and love. Because all we do and think of – food and drinks, astonishing spaces and new ideas - is driven by the love towards our job.